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   zhejiang huzhou fulinmen wood floor co.,ltd, was founded in 1995, is a leader in the design and manufacture of wood floors. it is situated in nanxun - a famous region of rivers and lakes in the south of the lower reaches of changjian river. the overall dimension of the company is more than 80 mu – with an actual architectural dimension covering 16800 square meters.
   the leading product in the company is the ‘fulinmen’ wood floor including the most extensive species of wood, which is the qualified product, manufactured strictly under the standard of national gbt/15036-2001 and proved by following quality identification departments: state quality attestation centre, zhejiang province quality attestation centre and huzhou city quality attestation centre. the company holds the advanced equipment – 80m3automatic painting system introduced by nanjing forestry university, excellent management team and skilled staff.


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